About the Examintaion

The examinations are consisted of three parts.

PART 1. Documents examination

The Applicants must fulfill or get as follows:
  1. More than 20 point of annual training grade in Pain Medicine
  2. At least one presentation of poster in scientific meetings of Pain
  3. At least one published paper in the Korean Journal of Pain
  4. Completion of 2 days of Cadaver workshop
  5. More than 1 year of pain fellowship course in the accepted training university hospital

PART 2. Written examination

The examinee will be asked to answer 100 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes. The questions will cover all current medical knowledge and interventional techniques about the treatment of pain available to the pain physician.

PART 3. Oral examination

For the practical examination, each candidate will be evaluated by more than two examiners. Candidates shall not be evaluated by examiners who are known intimately by the candidate. This examination will consist of identifying anatomical structures, and techniques and instruments commonly used for interventional procedures.