The purpose and scope of certification

The Korean Pain society provides the Certification in Interventional Pain Physician through the highest quality of education.
The purposes of the Certification program in Interventional Pain Physician are as follows:

  1. To establish the knowledge domain of the practice of Pain Medicine for certification.
  2. To evaluate the knowledge and technique of practitioners in Pain Medicine
  3. To encourage professional growth in the practice of interventional techniques.
  4. To serve the public improved quality of patient care in the practice of Pain Medicine.

Competence in the practice of Pain Medicine requires advanced training in interventional techniques, experience, and knowledge. The interventional techniques are unique procedures performed by pain physicians, and appropriate examination and certification are designed to accurately reflect the quality of care given to pain patients. The Certification program in Interventional Pain Physician has been designed to help recognize practitioners’ knowledge and skill in this field The Korean Pain society have developed this certification program which it believes recognizes currently accepted levels of knowledge and expertise in interventional techniques in order to improve patient care. The Korean Pain society welcomes comments from the public and the profession designed to assist in improving this program. From 1996 to 2021, total 878 physicians were received the certification.