About KPS

Regional KPS Branches

Seoul Branch
Seoul Branch
President Sang Sik Choi, MD
Institution Korea University

The Seoul Branch of KPS was founded in 1997 and has effort to promote the exchange of information about pain management among members of the Seoul branch of KPS and to actively participate in the activities of KPS.

Jungbu Branch
Jungbu Branch
President Joon Ho Lee, MD
Institution Soonchunhyang

The KPS central branch, which is a KPS regional branch of the Gyeonggi, Incheon and Gangwon area, was foundation 2001.

We independently hold bimanual conferences and scholastic events such as in-service training, through which we try to broaden our knowledge by sharing information and experiences on pain treatment. We also actively participate in the activities of KPS

Chair person
Professor Young Deog Cha graduated from Hanyang University, school of medicine, and he also finished his internship and residency there. After spending his earlier years at Soonchunhyang university, school of medicine(1986) and Hanyang university, school of medicine(1995), he has been a professor at Inha university hospital, Anesthesiology and Pain medicine department, from 1996 till present day.

He studied and trained at Japan's Kuruma university and NTT Kanto hospital in 1992 and 1993.

Chung Cheong Branch

Chung Cheong branch was founded in 2001 and has been holding biannual meeting.

Chung Cheong Branch
President Gang-Geun Lee, MD
Institution LEEGANGGEUN Pain Clinic
Daegu-Kyungbuk Branch
Daegu-Kyungbuk Branch
President Jin Seok Yeo, MD
Institution Kyoungpook National University
Honam Branch

The KPS Honam branch was founded in 1999 and has effort to promote the exchange of information about pain management among our members and to actively be participated in the activities of KPS. We have biannual meeting to share scientific and clinical information.

Honam Branch
President Hyun-Young Lee, MD
Institution Chosun University
Bu-Ul-Kyeong branch

Bu-Ul-Kyeong branch was founded in 2001 and have been having biannual meeting.

Bu-Ul-Kyeong branch
President Kum Moo Lee, MD
Institution Inje University

Agenda of 1st meeting on Feb. 28, 2009
Introduction of cancer pain and characteristics
Physical performance of cancer patient
Pharmacotherapy and palliative care of cancer patients
Invasive therapy for cancer patients