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Symbol Mark

On a red circle that symbolizes passion, four smaller circles form ripples that spread up, meaning vigorous development. Another meaning is that the red circle, representing pain, is spreading from one origin through four inner circles and the needle passes through the pain, meaning an accurate cure of the origin. It is also possible that the four circles can represent the four elements of pain of the University of Washington’s Professor John D. Loeser - nociception, pain, suffering, and pain behavior- and are pierced in the middle by a needle. In other words, the mark represents the Pain Clinic’s neural treatment to help patients come out of pain.

Logo Type

"The Korean Pain Society" logo is written in a bold, block-style font that conveys a stable and reliable character with authority.

Establishment of the Pain Clinic Research Meeting and the Korean Pain Society

Professors Heung Geun Oh (Yonsei University School of Medicine), Wook Park (Soonchunhyang University School of Medicine), Sung Nyun Kim (the Catholic University of Korea), In Hyun Kim (Masan Korea Hospital), In Se Kim (Busan National University), and many more gathered at Soonchunhyang University School of Medicine in fall of 1984 to hold their first meeting for a meeting of anesthesiologist who were interested in pain medicine, led by Professor Heung Geun Oh. The special interest group of pain for anesthesiologists agreed to study pain and develop the field of pain management by sharing knowledge and information at the Korea Department of Anesthesiology Fall Seminar in 1985 (Daegu). In result, they held the first official meeting and seminar on July 9, 1985 at 18:30 in the 2nd floor conference room at Yonsei University School of Medicine. At the first meeting, Professor Heung Geun Oh (Yonsei University School of Medicine) delivered a lecture on Stellate Ganglion Block and hosted a discussion on insurance benefits. Every participant agreed to have a regular meeting because most anesthesiologists interested in pain were lack of knowledge on pain and clinical experiences and suggested establishing a research or academic meeting for pain.

Establishment of the Korean Pain Society

After the 2nd Pain Clinic Research Meeting Seminar on February 2, 1986, the 3rd Seminar was held at Soonchunhyang University School of Medicine Conference Room on September 5, 1986. At the General Assembly held after the 3rd Seminar, the members agreed to establish the Korean Pain Society by passing the principles at the General Assembly. Professor Heung Geun Oh became the founding chairman to lead the academic society for study on pain.